Women`s Health West Enterprise Agreement

(a) the agreement governs agreements on the time of performance; Women`s Health West offers special domestic violence services for women and their children. We also run prevention programmes that promote equality and justice for women and girls in West Melbourne. b) Grades 1 and 2 may be the entry level for new graduates who meet the requirement to practise as a health professional (if applicable in accordance with the rules of their professional association and eligible for membership in their professional association) or any qualification deemed acceptable by the employer. It is also the level for the first stages of a health professional`s career. (b) Each employee is responsible for ensuring that he or she is able to perform his or her duties without endangering the safety, health and well-being of himself and others in the workplace. This responsibility includes compliance with the appropriate measures taken by the employer and all related health and safety requirements in the workplace. b) An agreement under clause 51.4(a) shall be in writing and made available to any relevant biomedical engineer. (b) In order to assist biomedical engineers in reconciling their professional and family obligations by agreement between the employer and the biomedical engineer, they may, with the consent of the employer, decide to take annual leave for individual periods which may not exceed ten days in a calendar year on one or more dates agreed between them. Subject to any agreement between the parties to the dispute relating to a particular dispute or claim and the provisions of this clause, when dealing with a dispute or claim by arbitration or arbitration, the Commission will conduct the matter in accordance with sections 577 and 578 and Subdivision B of Division 3 of Part 5-1 of the Act.

42.9 By mutual agreement with the hospital, an employee who is obliged to work for a working day beyond his or her normal working hours may take a leave of absence from a single point in time, provided that the time required is within 28 days of working time. 53.1 Subject to clause 53.2 below, if a biomedical engineer has been granted more than eight (8) weeks` annual leave, the biomedical engineer may, by mutual written agreement between the biomedical engineer and the employer, pay a portion of the annual leave (and, if applicable, the burden of annual leave) to which the biomedical engineer is entitled as a one-time cash payment. Pension contributions are paid by the employer for the period of annual leave to be paid. (b) The employer and the employee agree on the period during which the employee has the right to be unavailable for work. In the absence of an agreement, the employee has the right to be unavailable to work for up to two (2) days per occasion. The casual employee is not entitled to a payment for the period of non-attendance. 54.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, an Employee may work less than 52 weeks per year with the consent of the Employer. Access to this right may only be granted at the request of an employee and may not be required as a condition of employment.â 24.1 The minimum rates set in previous company agreements for employers and employees shall be increased by the following percentages:â(iii) the employee`s response to the promotion of physical health, mental and emotional, so that employees can start and maintain their work safely; and 65.1 The employer may, in agreement between the parties, develop a policy that facilitates the release of an employee without loss of wages if the employee is a member of a recognized volunteer emergency organization and there is a local emergency, provided that such leave can be facilitated without unduly affecting the operation of the health service.

21.1 Except in cases where the conduct of the biomedical engineer justifies immediate dismissal, the employer or biomedical engineer shall grant a period of at least four weeks – the end of the employment relationship or the salary paid or lost by four weeks instead of such dismissal, except that the notice period may be reduced by mutual agreement. A biomedical engineer over the age of 45 who has worked for two years or more is entitled to additional weekly notice. Subject to the ongoing operational needs of the employer, an employee may, with the prior consent of the employer, replace an official holiday with a designated religious holiday. If a religious holiday is designated as a substitute and the employee works on the holiday specified in the Official Gazette, he will be paid at the normal time. 76.5 The SDPPWG may, if necessary by arrangement, establish sub-groups or delegate individual matters to one or more relevant health services. (c) Institution means any hospital or charity home, community health centre, society or association registered and funded under the Health Services Act, the Institute of Cancer Research established under the Cancer Act, or the Fairfield Hospital Council or the Xxxx Nursing Association (Inc). 81.2 The employer further acknowledges that the assignment must include consideration of the employee`s working time, protection of health, safety and well-being. (a) A health professional at this level shall work independently and shall be required to make an independent judgement on current matters; They may require professional supervision from senior members of the profession or the health care team when performing new, complex or critical tasks. They have demonstrated a commitment to professional development and may have contributed to on-the-job training by offering seminars, conferences or services. At this level, the health professional may be actively involved in quality improvement or research activities. (i) the terms of the undertaking agreement, the effects of which are modified by the agreement; and (c) The employer and eligible employee may agree on how paid parental leave will be paid under this Agreement. For example, such leave may be paid at a lower level over a longer period, consecutively or simultaneously with a relevant Commonwealth Government parental leave scheme (subject to the requirements of the applicable legislation) and may include a voluntary contribution to the retirement pension.

(i) has reasonable concerns about an imminent risk to his or her health or safety; Our work has been actively contributing to improving the health, safety and well-being of women and their children in the Melbourne West Metropolitan Area since 1988. Due to the growing demand for our services, we currently need to fill the position of Administrative Support Worker – Outreach. a) If a biomedical engineer is entitled to long periods of duty leave, such leave shall be granted by the employer within six months of the date of eligibility, but the use of such leave may be postponed to a mutually agreed date or in the absence of an agreement established by FWC, unless such provision requires that such leave be taken before the expiry of a period of six months from the date of that provision. .

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