Who Can Certify My Documents in Queensland

At least 1 of the documents must contain a photo. Your application for a license as an individual must include certified copies of 2 identification documents: Certification of a copy of a document indicates that in your opinion, the document is an actual copy of what you have seen. In this module, we provide information on how you can help a person when certifying copies of a number of documents, including durable documents. You must bring the original documents to a representative authorized to certify them. The certifying person must currently be employed in one of the professions listed below: Examples of documents for what we can apply for certification are as follows: For certified documents to be accepted by the USQ, the certifying agent must: You can have your documents certified as correct copies of the original to: If you have your documents certified, we will ensure that: that we know that the documents you have submitted are authentic. Real and correct copy of your original documents. It is important that you submit high-quality, clearly scanned and colour-certified documents to support your application to study at the USQ. Documents in a language other than English must be prepared by an accredited translator. The certification must appear on the copy, not on another page attached to the copy. Certified copy: a copy (often a photocopy) of a primary document containing a note or certificate attesting that it is an authentic copy of the main document. It does not certify that the main document is authentic, but only that it is an authentic copy of the main document. In addition, if the certifying officer is a justice of the peace, he or she must provide the registration number and the state or territory of the registration. The content of this module has been updated to reflect recent amendments to the Powers of Attorney Act 1998.

If you are applying for a license as an individual and you do not currently have a license issued under the Radiation Protection Act 1999, your application must include certified copies of your documents: In addition, the following are also allowed for international students: If the module takes some time to load or is not loaded, please try to press the CTRL+ F5 keys simultaneously, if this does not solve the problem, please contact us using the feedback form below. .

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